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Unicorns do Exist

Workers at a North Carolina Dollar store told animal control officers that they caught a Lab mix dog darting into Dollar General every time a customer exited. Each time the stray dog made it in, he grabbed the same plush purple unicorn toy. Samantha Lane, the officer who responded to the call, was so astonished by the dog's devotion to the unicorn that she bought the $10 toy for the dog. The canine was happy to head off with Lane once he had his beloved stuffed animal. A post by Duplin County Animal Services on Facebook states that Sisu and his stuffed animal have an adopter and will be moving out of the shelter soon. 😊🐶🦄Fetched from GoodNewsDog

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The Power of Love

Dogs fall in love much more easily than people do, and they also seem to be able to move on much more easily than people can. A lot of people have anxiety about the idea of adopting an adult dog. Wouldn’t the dog be pining for its original human family? But what evidence we have indicates that dogs can form new loving relationships much more easily and don’t seem to have the same level of trauma from being taken away from preexisting loving relationships. Fetched from the Washington Post

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Play Outside for Your Health.

Spending time in the woods—a practice the Japanese call “forest bathing”—is strongly linked to lower blood pressure, heart rate and stress hormones and decreased anxiety, depression and fatigue. Scientists have repeatedly found that human anticancer natural killer cells significantly increase after walks in a forest.  Imagine the health benefit of a toboggan ride with your dog.   Fetched from Wall street journal

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Golden Retriever rescued by hikers after being stranded for two week

Neesha, an 8-year-old Golden Retriever, is one lucky dog. After spending over 2 weeks on her own without food or shelter, she was spotted by a couple while hiking.Two weeks earlier, Neesha’s owners had taken her for a hike, where she was startled by a deer. She took off running and never found her way back to her owners.After setting out baskets of unwashed laundry at the spot where she was seen last and using drones to search for her, the family began to accept that Neesha might be gone.That was until doctors Ciara Nolan and Jean Francois discovered the dog shivering in the snow. She didn’t have enough energy to stand, so they carried Neesha for the 6.2 mile...

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