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Iggy Joey

Meet Iggy Joey, Fashion Icon & Lifestyle Enthusiast with the body of a supermodel living in the 6ix. Iggy Joey has been wowing her fans for several years now through her mix of Toronto exploration and her incredibly sharp sense of style. The pup's unique name derives from her breed as an Italian Greyhound and her resemblance to a baby kangaroo, a.k.a a Joey. She has been called the "Most Fashionable Dog in Canada" by Buzzfeed, "The Most Fashionable Dog Ever" by I Can Has Cheezburger and "The World's Most Fashionable Pooch" by the Bow Wow Times.  She was runner-up in Now Magazine's list of Best Instagram Accounts in Toronto. Recently,  Iggy Joey's image has been spotted on  t- shirts...

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Unicorns do Exist

Workers at a North Carolina Dollar store told animal control officers that they caught a Lab mix dog darting into Dollar General every time a customer exited. Each time the stray dog made it in, he grabbed the same plush purple unicorn toy. Samantha Lane, the officer who responded to the call, was so astonished by the dog's devotion to the unicorn that she bought the $10 toy for the dog. The canine was happy to head off with Lane once he had his beloved stuffed animal. A post by Duplin County Animal Services on Facebook states that Sisu and his stuffed animal have an adopter and will be moving out of the shelter soon. 😊🐶🦄Fetched from GoodNewsDog

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The Power of Love

Dogs fall in love much more easily than people do, and they also seem to be able to move on much more easily than people can. A lot of people have anxiety about the idea of adopting an adult dog. Wouldn’t the dog be pining for its original human family? But what evidence we have indicates that dogs can form new loving relationships much more easily and don’t seem to have the same level of trauma from being taken away from preexisting loving relationships. Fetched from the Washington Post

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Dogs in Space

We can all name famous human astronauts, but did you know that over 20 dogs have been to outer space? During the ‘Space Race’ of the 1950’s and 60’s, scientists from the Soviet Union used dogs as test subjects to pioneer space travel. The first pooches to exit the Earth were Tsygan and Dezik, in 1951. This journey, which returned home safely, was what we call a ‘suborbital flight.’ That means that although it traveled into space, it didn’t enter orbit but stayed at the border of the atmosphere. Entering orbit was a lot trickier.  Two other dogs, Belka and Strelka, later made a triumphant return from an orbital adventure. President John F. Kennedy even received one of Strelka’s puppies...

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Samson the Service Dog Wear PPE to Work

     Sampson the service dog is a very good -- and smart -- boy who deserves lots of treats for learning an important new trick -- how to wear PPE so he can help his disabled neuroscientist mom. The scientist, Joey Ramp, conducts her lab work at the University of Illinois, but says she wouldn't be able to do her job without the aid of her assistant ... the first pup ever granted access to the college's chemistry lab. For safety reasons, Sampson, a golden retriever, is required to wear protective gear just like the humans do, and as you can see ... he's mastered it. Joey suffered a traumatic brain injury in a 2006 horse-riding accident and now...

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