What I've learned from the pandemic.......

What I've learned from the pandemic.......

One thing I have learned from the pandemic is just how much many of us love our dogs.

On one of our daily walks, we shared our feelings during the pandemic. The stress of raising a family and the ever changing household dynamic of job changes or losses, pre-teens, teenagers, and the constant feeling of uncertainty for our family and the world's future.

We decided we needed to shift our thinking, before our thinking shifted us. We were elevated in our current surrounding, the dog park. We each had a mature dog and a new puppy. Both puppies bought before the pandemic hit. At the time seemed a bit pricey but little did we know what puppies would be selling for just a few months later.

We both love and cherish our dogs. They have been such a gift to us and our families, especially during these hard times.

We already had a small line of red fleece dog coats that we had made up and trademarked: K9 Pawtrol wear. They are fashioned after the ski patrols ski jacket. We decided to grow and launched a full online retail business with dog accessories, wellness products, and coats.  

Two Moms and four dogs later, Andrea Bunker and Leslie Zemla launch DogMa Canada, apparel and accessories for you and your best friend.

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