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Calming Care for Dogs
Calming Care for Dogs
Calming Care for Dogs
Calming Care for Dogs

Calming Care for Dogs

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Does your dog get stressed and anxious?  Being left alone, fireworks, other dogs can all lead to nervous behaviour in your dog.   Help your dog enjoy life - and enjoy life with your dog!

Calming Care for Dogs reduces anxiety by relaxing the nervous system.  

  • Helps pets maintain balanced behaviour
  • Gently supports the nervous system
  • Assists with hyperactivity
  • Recommended for anxiety & nervousness
  • Non-drowsy
  • No negative side effects

What is Calming Care?

Calming Care is a natural herbal supplement designed to gently assist dogs with consistently calm and balanced moods. The herbal ingredients in this formula are meant to be administered daily, with a long term outlook. They are non sedating and will not cause your dog to feel sleepy or drowsy. Calming Care helps your canine feel at ease in different situations or with life in general.

What is Calming Care Used For?

Some canines experience moods that could be defined as anxious, stressed out, aggressive or hyperactive. The cause may be known or unknown but there is not always an easy solution to helping a dog feel calm and self assured.

Calming Care is one part of the solution. Along with a healthy diet, appropriate social interaction and physical activity, your pet can benefit from a daily supplement that assists the body's ability to handle stress, restore normal moods and a sense of positive wellbeing.

Calming Care is not associated with negative side effects. If your pet is taking antidepressants or other medications, please review the cautionary notes for this product.


A note from a veterinarian...

As a general rule, expect gradual results within the first two to three weeks, although some animals show positive results in the first week. The herbs in this formula take time to be effective because they are working to normalize neurotransmitters, stress hormones and nerve cell integrity. Herbs that work quickly for relaxation also tend to be tranquilizing or sedating. Calming Care does not sedate or make an animal sleepy. Instead, it helps your dog to remain normally calm and at ease - yet pleasantly alert. For many canines, this product contributes to a general good mood and restful sleep.

If your dog experiences anxiety, hyperactivity or is easily moved to aggression or stress, Calming Care may be a helpful supplement to administer.


Please note:

Animal behaviours are largely a result of their history, environment, breeding/training and general condition of their health. Undesirable behaviours or aggression may not be something that can be addressed with an herbal supplement.

What Calming Care can do is support the nervous system so that your dog has a chance to act and react in a normal way. Maintaining nervous system health with nervine and adaptogenic herbs is an easy way to naturally support moods without using drugs.


Can My Dog Take Calming Care with Medications?

If your pet has been taking prescription medications, consult your veterinarian for any safety precautions and dosages in relation to your pet's current health status. An examination from a veterinarian is recommended prior to using this product. May affect blood levels of certain medications. Do not use with blood thinners. Monitor blood sugar if using with blood-sugar-lowering drugs as some herbs may lower blood sugar. Use caution with prescription medications for depressive states, and high or low blood pressure. May interfere with metabolism of certain medications. Not to be used during pregnancy.  

Who Makes Calming Care?

Calming Care is made by PetWellbeing.com.  Our goal? To bring the wisdom and experience of our caring holistic veterinarians to your pet.  When your pet is healthy; you're happy.